Recipe: Stir-fried small rapeseed

Home Cooking Recipe: Stir-fried small rapeseed


I have always liked this dish that my dad did. The boyfriend once ate, saying that it was vegetarian, but unfortunately he could not speculate. I learned it a bit at the last time, and it’s easy to get started.



  1. The small rapeseed is cleaned and placed in a boiling water pot. The time is short and not long, depending on the old tenderness of the rapeseed.

  2. Immediately after drowning, pass the cold water twice until it is cool. For the sake of crisp

  3. Add oil to the pot, place the pepper, and remove it after the taste. Add the chopped green onion pepper, add the stir fry twice, then add the greens, and stir the stir fry a few times. Enjoy the delicious...

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