Recipe: Stir-fried pickles

Home Cooking Recipe: Stir-fried pickles



  1. Prepare the material, peel the edamame and wash it

  2. Wash the pickles and cut into small pieces for use.

  3. Onion ginger shredded, the oil in the pot is hot, pour the onion ginger

  4. Pour the edamame, stir fry until discolored, add a little salt and stir fry

  5. Pour in the pickles and stir fry a few times.


1, pickles do not need to put a lot. 2, edamame is for fresh. 3, pickles have salt, so put salt to the right amount. 4, because this pickles are pickled products, like to eat but do not eat. 5, it is best to choose your own home pickled, do not choose the kind of food that tastes sour, looks yellow, may have added some bad ingredients.

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