Recipe: Stir-fried chicken with kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Stir-fried chicken with kimchi


Sichuan kimchi and millet pepper, that is how a cool word, and with a chicken head with a chewing head, is simply the perfect meal!



  1. Wash the chicken chop, cut into thin slices, pour a small amount of yellow wine, and add a little salt to marinate for a while. Ginger slices, small red peppers cut into small pieces. Pickled diced

  2. From the oil pan, add the ginger and pepper sections to the saute, pour in the kimchi, and repeatedly stir-fry the aroma.

  3. Pour in the chicken chop, stir fry for a few minutes, pour a little yellow wine, soy sauce and a small amount of soy sauce, stir-fry, until the juice is drained, and finally put the right amount of salt according to your taste.


I personally feel that the kimchi here is better with roots and stems. I use radish kimchi.

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