Recipe: Stewed tofu fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed tofu fish



  1. The fish is cleaned up, the squall line is removed, and the moisture is controlled to form a section (the outside is a whole piece, the house does not have such a large pot and plate)

  2. Cut the tofu into pieces, use hot water to remove the smell of the beans, or make the tofu not fragile.

  3. Prepare onion ginger garlic, pepper aniseed and dried chili; pork belly washed and sliced ​​(no picture)

  4. Put the oil into the pot, simmer on the fire, add the onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and aniseed pork. After the scent, turn to the medium heat and stir into the pork belly.

  5. After the meat is discolored, pour the fish and fry the fish, but do not force it.

  6. Transfer wine, moderate soy sauce, soy sauce, rock sugar and salt, then pour hot water, no fish

  7. After the water is opened, the tofu is turned into a small fire and stewed until the juice is thick.

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