Recipe: Stewed frozen tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed frozen tofu



  1. After the frozen tofu is naturally thawed, cut into pieces of sesame sauce, then gently squeeze the water for use.

  2. Stir the carrot pieces and cabbage leaves with oil, add the soy meat soup and boil, then add the frozen tofu for 10 minutes. Adjust a small amount of salt according to your taste before baking.


1. In winter, there is usually a lot of meat in the house. Don't throw away the soup of the meat and meat. Drain the impurities and freeze the soup to the refrigerator. Every time you add the meat, you will join this. Old soup. Or freeze the old soup to the ice tray, add a small piece when cooking, absolutely comparable to other fresh seasonings 2, if there is no old soup in the home, then use oil to fry the octagonal fire, add water, soy sauce, soup, oyster sauce can also be fresh 3, stewed tofu dishes can use a variety of vegetables, even the only two of them, so there is no choice, but even think that the best to eat is cabbage with tofu, a perfect match.

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