Recipe: Stewed beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Stewed beef



  1. Cut the beef into four chunks, of course you can cut the half

  2. Ginger slice

  3. a few pieces of ginger, beef pieces

  4. Wash off the foam

  5. Put all the spices in the clear water

  6. The amount of soy sauce is recommended (not recommended too much. The beef that comes out of this way will not be very dark... with the color of the beef itself)

  7. The amount of soy sauce is not colored, mainly to increase the umami taste.

  8. Appropriate amount of wine

  9. Big fire

  10. Put a little white sugar

  11. Cook for 5 minutes on high heat and cook for 10 minutes on a small fire. I added old marinade

  12. Boiled marinade and stuffed with beef

  13. Big fire

  14. 4, cover the lid and cook for 10 minutes, put a proper amount of salt to adjust the salty

  15. Cover the lid and simmer until the beef is cooked. (If the time is not good, you can poke the meat with chopsticks.

  16. The braised beef is taken out and allowed to cool. It is recommended to pour the soup in it.

  17. Braised soup filtered

  18. This is the marinade. . Put the refrigerator

  19. This is the marinade. . Put the refrigerator. The next time you make the marinated beef, it is the old marinade. Do it in a loop. The beef that comes out will taste better and better.

  20. Let's cool the beef, I put it overnight, and the beef soup is frozen.

  21. Slice it


1, the beef cut a large piece of halogen. . 2, the soy sauce is less than a little color will not be black. . . This looks like a person likes Kazakhstan 3, halogen until the last juice, leave some soup. . This kind of beef is not too dry. . You can also have beef jelly.

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