Recipe: Steamed wormwood

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed wormwood



  1. Fans are soaked in warm water, add salt, chicken essence, bean curd, sesame oil, salad oil and mix well, then wrap the fried rice powder code on the oil plate.

  2. Add a small amount of salad oil and add rice noodles to the vermicelli.

  3. After boiling, simmer for 5 minutes and sprinkle with sesame seeds.


It is essential to add a little salad oil to the fans and the sage, because the rice flour will absorb some of the oil and water to swell and the taste will be good. The production of rice noodles: add the rice to the low heat and add the rice and glutinous rice in a ratio of 3:1, then add the cinnamon, pepper, pepper, star anise and fragrant leaves to stir fry, and continue to stir until the beige becomes Golden yellow, let out cool, and then grind into the end with a pulverizer.

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