Recipe: Steamed squid with mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid with mushrooms


The current food safety is indeed worrying, and there is always a psychological burden no matter what you eat. Fish, I recommend deep-sea fish, such as fish, salmon, etc., as well as the squid to be said today. Deep-sea fish are relatively less polluted, and there are fewer contaminated metals in the body, which makes them healthier. Deep-sea fish are generally characterized by low stab and good meat quality, and are especially suitable for children. Squid is one of the most fresh fish in the deep sea fish. Many people like to fry or burn the squid. However, if you want to maintain the best taste and the most complete nutritional value of meat - steaming is the best. The fish is fragile and fragile, and the steaming method is simpler and maintains the full appearance of the squid. But today, let's add the same ingredients to make the squid more delicious.



  1. The squid pieces are cleaned and carefully removed from the scales

  2. Fresh shiitake mushrooms

  3. Spread the mushrooms on the squid pieces evenly

  4. Find a small bowl and pour the cooking wine

  5. Pour in steamed fish oyster sauce

  6. According to the taste, put a little salt, steamed fish oil has a salty taste, can not hold it

  7. Put in the right amount of sugar. Tune into juice

  8. Pour the prepared juice on the squid

  9. After the steamer is boiled, it can be steamed for 7-8 minutes on the upper drawer.


The squid is very tender, so it is not suitable for steaming for a long time, grasp the heat, and taste the best when you are ripe~ Adding the savory taste of the mushrooms, the delicious taste of the fish is upgraded, and the freshness is nothing to add.

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