Recipe: Steamed squid stuffed meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid stuffed meat


Wow, it’s a big one, my dad’s friend sent it, saying that it’s 2 pounds, it’s delicious, this fish is sweet to eat, because the squid is big, so the small thorn is not so much, but when eating Still need to be careful, don't worry. I really found out that I was a cat in my life, so I love to eat fish, oh~~~~~~~~~



  1. Squid killing, washing, spare

  2. Add the cooking wine, salt, chicken essence to the minced meat, stir evenly, and put it for a while.

  3. Draw a few knives on the body of the fish (both positive and negative)

  4. Stuff the minced meat into the belly of the fish, plate, add a little cooking wine, salt, chicken, ginger, onion

  5. Steam in the pan, after the fire is turned on, turn to live steaming for half an hour, the rain eyeballs will spit it out, and after a good boring for 2-3 minutes, the pan


1. I like this refreshing steamed fish. It tastes sweet and delicious (it is the taste of the fish itself). 2, seasonings according to their own taste, ha, but don't eat too salty, bad for the body

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