Recipe: Steamed squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid


I also reviewed the lazy dishes that I had never done before. This steamed squid is one of the more popular dishes in this lazy dish. The main thing is that this has been done many times and is very successful every time.



  1. Wash the shallots, ginger and shredded

  2. Wash the fresh squid, remove the internal organs, and remove the black film from the inner wall. Use a knife to draw a few holes on the fish to make it easy to taste.

  3. Put a layer of salt on the inside of the fish, inside and outside. The total amount of salt used is the amount of fish when it is cooked on weekdays.

  4. Put on the ginger, put the bean drum, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, lard in a small bowl and mix thoroughly until the fish is marinated for 15 minutes.

  5. Put the shallots into a knot in the belly of the fish, put a ball on the fish

  6. When the fish is marinated until about, start washing rice. That, the fish will be steamed on the rice cooker. Press the steaming rice stall and cover the lid

  7. When the rice cooker jumps to the heat preservation file, suffocate for another five minutes or so, take out the fish, and then pour the fish in the steamed fish.

  8. Topped with sesame oil and sprinkled with chopped green onion


1. When doing this, cook rice in a rice cooker and steam the fish on the steamer. So once, the rice is also there, the dishes are there, and it feels so cool. 2. The fish is best chosen to be about 400 grams in size. I have done this for almost a few times, and it is just right every time. 3. Ginger can be prepared more, some of the bottom of the pad, stuffed part of the fish into the belly of the fish, and then sprinkle some on the fish. 4. The fish steamed in this way is not flawless, and the meat is also very delicious. Compared with the steaming method of boiling water into the steamer, it is not inferior. More importantly, it is more convenient and faster.

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