Recipe: Steamed squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed squid


There are "three sisters" in the squid: the head of the scorpion, the sorghum scorpion, and the scorpion scorpion. Only the head of the scorpion is the only one of the Ezhou Fankou, which is the real Wuchang fish. The head of the Wuchang fish school is a kind of squid. Fankou is the place where Liangzi Lake enters the river. It was called Wuchang in ancient times. Therefore, Fankou carp is also known as Wuchang fish. It is a special product of Liangzi Lake. In other places, only Changchun carp and triangle carp are found. More Changchun in the market. These three kinds of squid are more difficult to distinguish. It is said that Su Dongpo, a famous foodie of the Song Dynasty, is also fascinated by this. One day, Wang Anshi wrote a poem together with Su Shi, and Tosu took a few Wuchang fish to help the wine, and Su Shi readily agreed that the fish caught in the fish stalls bought a few. After the fish was steamed, Wang Anshi used a chopstick to pinch a fishbone and threw it into a clear water. Only when the water slammed out a squid, the same was true. When he reached the last fish, Wang Anshi said, "This is Wuchang fish." Sure enough, when the last fish's fishbone was thrown into the clear water, I saw three oil blossoms in the water. It turns out that Wuchang fish is rich in oil and fat for other carp. Wang Anshi's method is a way to distinguish between true and false Wuchang fish. Careful observation can also distinguish between true and false Wuchang fish, Wuchang fish-shaped body side flat, small back back, side looking slightly oblique square, abdominal edge only exists between the base of the pelvic fin to the water gate, and the long ridge of the Changchun 鳊The triangular scorpion table does not have the black stripes and square tails unique to Wuchang fish. It is said that the real Wuchang fish is a small fish head with a back bow, white scale and no black membrane in the abdomen. It has 13 thorns and not many more.



  1. Hold the fish's head and tail, bend the fish, and place chopsticks on the bend of the fish. The effect of this kind of work is that the fish is steamed to make the fish shape more vivid, the waist is arched and vivid, and the appearance is extra points.

  2. The water must be boiled and steamed, and after three minutes, it is taken out and the fish soup in the dish is poured out. The effect of this is that after the fish is steamed, it is a particularly important step.

  3. Cut the onion, ginger and red pepper into thin filaments

  4. Apply salt and ginger to the fish, and don't use it to highlight the fish. Continue to steam on the pot for about 10 minutes

  5. In the small bowl, add seasonings other than corn oil, mix well and mix into a sauce.

  6. During the steaming of the fish, we can boil the cabbage in boiling water for one minute, and then drop a few drops of oil in it, and remove it for use.

  7. After the fish is steamed, pour the fish soup again (important!), put the onion on the fish.

  8. Heat the oil in the pot

  9. On the side of the fish, the small cabbage is placed neatly on the side of the fish, and the red pepper is spread on the fish. After pouring the hot oil on the fish, you will hear a bang, the green onion will overflow, and finally the water around the fish has been poured. Adjusted juice


This method of steamed fish is absolutely not awkward, because in the process of steaming the fish twice dumped the water of the steamed fish, these waters are often accompanied by blood, full of smell, it is not a pity to dump it!

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