Recipe: Steamed scallops with garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed scallops with garlic


This recipe is the best I have tried. Because CC has improved~ By the way, does anyone tell me how to adjust the cover of the recipe? I don’t want to take a picture of it. I want to see the whole picture in the middle of the night. . .



  1. The scallops are carefully washed. When buying, they usually help to get the internal organs, and then take out the scallop meat with a knife.

  2. Scallops add a little starch and marinate for 5 minutes - 10 minutes, just be happy.

  3. The fans warmed for 10 minutes, rolled up with chopsticks and placed them on the shell, and the scallop meat was placed on it so that the fans only sucked the sweet scallops.

  4. Carrot, garlic, chopped, chopped chopped green onion

  5. (Important here) The oil pan is heated, the carrots, and the garlic are fried, and the pan is poured into the bowl! ! Add steamed fish sauce.

  6. Scallops steamed out of the pot and sprinkle with shallots.


1, carrot, this wonderful food should not appear here. But the taste in the garlic will be delicious, try it. 2, this dish does not need to put too much condiment, what kind of pepper, salt, chicken, do not want to use the ingredients to show the most delicious way is what cooking should learn. 3, tens of thousands of pans and then juice, do not follow the fans to steam. Do you want fans to absorb soy sauce or absorb scallops sweet? Directly affect the deliciousness of the fans.

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