Recipe: Steamed scallop

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed scallop


Last week, I talked to Meibo who was not doing Meibo, but she said that she went to the supermarket to buy the sauce. I said that I also have this hobby. The top layer of the refrigerator and the floor of the cabinet are all A variety of bottles and jars are full! In fact, if these sauces are used correctly, they can be used to make the delicious taste very fast. It is useful to me and should be more useful to office workers.



  1. Brush the outer surface of the scallop, cut it along the side along the scallop with a knife, separate the shellfish from the shell, remove the shellfish, remove the mud and debris, and then wash the meat and shell with water.

  2. Fans are soaked, green peppers are cut into small pieces

  3. Take the shells, add the fans, shellfish, and green peppers in turn, then pour the appropriate amount of Lee Kum Kee spicy bean curd sauce with a small spoon.

  4. Take the steamer, put the scallops in the water, and steam for 6 minutes.

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