Recipe: Steamed salmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed salmon


Simple, then simply -10 minutes appetizer steamed salmon



  1. The material is very simple, a piece of salmon, and then prepare some mushrooms, onions, ginger, parsley, garlic. Cut the salmon into large pieces; shredded onions; sliced ​​mushrooms; sliced ​​parsley; chopped garlic; ginger shredded

  2. Take a large plate, the plate should not be too shallow, steamed fish will flow out a lot of soup, put a layer of onion on the plate, then spread a layer of mushrooms, and finally sprinkle some ginger

  3. Put the salmon on the onion, the mushroom and the ginger, and steam on the pan for about 6-7 minutes.

  4. Take a small bowl, pour the soup from the steamed fish, add the chopped minced garlic, add a few drops of seafood soy sauce, add a little bit of sugar, mix well and pour over the salmon, sprinkle a little parsley Yes, or take the fish directly and taste it.

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