Recipe: Steamed rice cake (cornme bean)

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed rice cake (cornme bean)


In fact, now everyone is always eating greasy and occasionally eating less oil and coarse grains is also good. This is what my grandmother taught me in Hebei. It looks like a vegetable cake. (I am not sure if the real name is 啥 now.) Similar to Shanxi, I only ate it. The garlic beans made with cowpea are still very delicious. Those who don’t have the oil and water are so hungry that they can eat it occasionally.



  1. Cut the cowpea into the pot and pour it into the cornmeal. I can do it in a ratio of 1:2. You can also put more vegetables in a bowl of water and pour it in a little bit and then stir it with chopsticks until it is no longer dry. It can be slightly a little moist, but it can't be too sticky (mixed out should be relatively dry, even if it is too dry, it doesn't matter if the steamer will have moisture)

  2. From the steamer, boil over the fire, put the drawer on the pad, pour the dish directly onto the drawer, and spread it as much as possible.

  3. Make garlic juice, sautéed garlic, put boiled water, salt, stir well, drop a few drops of sesame oil

  4. After the pancakes are out of the pan, they are served with garlic sauce.

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