Recipe: Steamed pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed pork ribs


It seems that there is a lot of seasoning used. In fact, the ribs and all the seasonings are well mixed and then steamed. The ribs can be replaced with pork belly, beef, and fat sausage. Potatoes can be replaced with sweet potatoes, taro, and pumpkin.



  1. Wash the ribs clean, mix all the spices except rice noodles, water, chopped green onion, mix thoroughly, marinate for 15 minutes;

  2. Slice the potatoes into thick slices and soak them in water to avoid oxidation.

  3. After the ribs are marinated, put in the rice noodles (please leave 1 or 2 spoons of rice flour for a while and wrap the potatoes) and mix well;

  4. Pour into the water and mix it to let the rice noodles absorb water;

  5. The potatoes are wrapped in rice noodles, spread to the bottom of the bowl, and the ribs are placed on the potatoes;

  6. On the steamer, after the fire is burnt to SAIC, turn to medium heat and steam for 1 hour;

  7. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and finish.


1. Add enough water in the steamer for one time. It is expected to burn for 1 hour.

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