Recipe: Steamed pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed pork


Menu address: This series of recipes refers to "Volkswagen Sichuan Cuisine" (, adjusted according to personal understanding and practical experience. Organization, it is to spread the classics with their own meager strength. This steamed pork is the first in this series~~o(≧v≦)o~~ Compared with all the previous practices, it mainly uses lard instead of other oils. It feels better than the previous ones. And the color is more rosy. This kind of practice has become a lot of vegetable oil, and it is not too greasy to eat. It is very good. Simplified version:[Summary of Sichuanese flavors] The home-cooked taste is the flavor of the daily cooking of the family. The Sichuan cuisine is often tasted at home, and it is often used at home. It is the first in Sichuan. The home-made flavor preparation method is various, and the common home-like flavor refers to a salty, slightly spicy, thick and mellow compound flavor prepared by using a certain proportion of watercress, salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, white sugar and the like. The seasoning method is used to stir-fried dishes. The method of seasoning is as follows: 1. Heat the oil into 60% heat in the wok, add the raw materials to the fried seeds, add the appropriate amount of salt and fry the dry water to the bright oil 2. Add the bean paste and saute. Put in the garlic, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, MSG, stir well and serve.



  1. Into a pot of water to burn. Ginger cracked. The onions are rolled up to make a knot. Pepper is ready. Wash the pork. After the water is boiled, add ginger, onion, pepper, and pork.

  2. The garlic seedlings are cut into about 3cm sections. The bean paste is fine. Keep the pot and simmer the foam in the pot until the meat is cooked, drain and remove it. When it is slightly warm, cut it to a thickness of about 0.3cm and a width of about 3cm.

  3. Heat the wok in the wok, add the lard to the meat, stir the meat into the oil, and shovel the meat to the side of the pot (the hollowed out heart).

  4. The heart of the pot into the bean paste, sweet noodles fried red fragrant, meat mixed into the same stir fry, into the garlic seedlings cooked, stir well into the soy sauce.


1. The amount of water to be burned must be without pork. If the water quantity is incompetent, you can put the meat in the pot first, then release the water until the meat has not been served, and then remove the meat. Anyway, meat is a pot of boiled water. 2, the time of meat cooking and the size of the meat is related to the thickness, generally half a catty of meat can be cooked within 10 minutes, not sure can cook a little more, it is no problem, anyway, do not cook too long to cook soft meat That would be bad. 3, according to personal taste, add bean curd and fried in the bean paste, sweet noodles. 4, garlic sprouts cooked on the line, try not to fry. 5, soy sauce can be used instead of 1 tsp white sugar. 6, do not waste the soup of boiled meat, you can use it to make a soup. ---- Add one more, my bean paste is usually placed on it, so use it every time. If you don't have a thin tube, remember that the recipes for the bean paste are fine.

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