Recipe: Steamed oysters

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed oysters



  1. Remove the fresh shellfish from the shell, wash it with water, and use a knife to form a butterfly piece (connected to the back and cut open in the abdomen). Brush and clean the fresh shells with a brush.

  2. The thin fans are placed in warm water and soaked. Garlic peeled into mud and soybean meal into the end. Onion and minced

  3. Put 1 tbsp of oil into the pot, add 4% of the heat, then add the minced garlic and the end of the bean curd. After the scent is sizzled in a small fire (about 20 seconds), turn off the fire and wait for use. This is the juice

  4. Roll the soft-skinned fans into a nest of shells and put the fresh shellfish on the fans.

  5. Sprinkle the clams evenly on the fresh shellfish. Steaming pot into the water, steaming for 6 minutes after the water is turned on

  6. After taking it out, sprinkle the shallots on the fresh shells, heat the remaining oil, and pour over the shallots.


1. Fresh shellfish has a salty taste, while cardamom has a salty taste, so you don't need to add salt. For heavy taste, add 1/4 tbsp of soy sauce to the oyster sauce. 2, some like to put garlic directly, and I suggest you must try to add cardamom, after the addition of oyster sauce, fresh shell has a rich flavor of garlic and garlic mixed, very attractive. 3, garlic after the oil is fried and then steamed, there is no rotten garlic flavor after the raw garlic directly steamed. Even people who don't like to eat cooked garlic will like this. Do not believe you try. 4, fresh shells try to buy fresh. Really can't buy fresh, then frozen scallops, please be sure to thaw naturally at room temperature. 5, I bought a large fresh shell, in order to prevent steaming time is too long, affecting the taste of fresh shellfish, so the film became a butterfly. If you buy a medium size, you can use it without a piece. 6, after the steamed fresh shell, there will be a lot of soup, must be poured out of the soup, and then the operation of step 6, otherwise affecting the sale of the phase, but also affect the taste.

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