Recipe: Steamed out meals: steamed pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed out meals: steamed pork ribs


Summer is always easy without appetite, and something to eat has to deal with things. It is better to try to make a few meals, stimulate your taste buds and wake it up. This time, the pepper ribs, maybe oh...



  1. The ribs are smashed into small pieces, and the blood is washed repeatedly with water and drained.

  2. Add oyster sauce, sugar, salt, soy sauce; mix well and marinate for more than two hours

  3. Soak the delicious mushrooms and drain them into small pieces; take a heat-resistant bowl and spread the mushrooms on the bottom of the bowl.

  4. Add the marinated ribs (not to the bottom of the bowl after marinating)

  5. Put the pepper and minced garlic

  6. Put a proper amount of water into the pressure cooker, put it into the steaming rack, place the bowl with the ribs on the steaming rack, cover the lid, and simmer until the gas is turned on.

  7. After the pressure cooker is released, open the lid and sprinkle with chopped green onion to serve the pan.


1. If the time is plentiful, the ribs can be mixed and seasoned and placed in the refrigerator for one night, so that the ribs can be fully tasted, and the steamed ribs are tender and tender; 2, because the pepper is more salty, so when pickling ribs, you should put salt.

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