Recipe: Steamed mussels with wine and cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed mussels with wine and cream


The favorite green mouth eating method, soup 蘸 baguette eat the best!



  1. Cut the onion, garlic into the lotus, spare. The pot is hot and it is recommended to use a cast iron pot.

  2. The butter is melted in the pan, the garlic is sautéed, and the onion is sautéed.

  3. Add white wine, add cream, and let the soup boil.

  4. Pour into the cleaned green mouth after boiling, stir fry a little, and close the lid.

  5. Open the fire for 3-5 minutes (the cast iron pot can reduce the time properly), sprinkle the chopped parsley before the fire. Eat it later!


#有同学 pointed out that Qingkou must first raise a sense of sand and taste better Ha ~ #baguette baked to the skin is crispy inside, soft and coated with garlic butter!

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