Recipe: Steamed horseshoe

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed horseshoe



  1. Fresh horseshoe 1 kg

  2. Go home and wash, wash carefully, wipe off the mud, remove the tidy head

  3. Steam in the pan for 15 minutes


The effect of 荸荠: Phosphorus contained in earthworms is the highest among root vegetables, which can promote the growth and development of human body and maintain physiological functions. It has great benefits for the development of dental bones and promotes the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein in the body. , adjust the acid-base balance. Therefore, it is suitable for children. It is a cold food and has a good effect of clearing heat and purging fire. It can not only clear heat and fluid, but also supplement nutrition, and is most suitable for patients with fever. It also has the effects of cooling blood and detoxification, diuretic laxative, moisturizing phlegm, digestion and swelling. Precautions: 1. Children and fever patients should be eaten best. Every 10 or so. 2, you should not eat raw. Because cockroaches grow in the mud, there are probably more bacteria and parasites attached to the outer skin and the inside, so be sure to wash them before cooking. And the cooked clams are sweeter. 3, 荸荠 belongs to raw cold food, not suitable for people with spleen and kidney deficiency and blood stasis.

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