Recipe: Steamed hairy crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed hairy crab


Very happy and very lucky to have friends in the most fat season of hairy crabs. The Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs cultured in the summer maple leaf red house are absolutely authentic and delicious.



  1. The crabs are washed with water and tied tightly. If the seller is bundled, we only need to rinse the faucet several times.

  2. Put cold water in the pot and boil

  3. Put the crabs in the dish and put them in the steamer

  4. Cover the lid and steam for 20 minutes.

  5. Ginger is cut into small bowls and a little brown sugar

  6. Pour vinegar into the ginger bowl

  7. Remove the rope from the crab, open the crab cover, remove the crab heart, crab stomach, crab pot, crab intestine

  8. Start with your claws and eat all the meat. You must never waste it. Remember to eat vinegar and ginger juice when you eat.


Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are famous all over the world. Apart from its delicious taste, how much do you know about hairy crabs? Let’s talk about it today! Those are" About selection 1. Those fresh crabs that look bright, dark green and shiny are thicker than the yellow crabs. 2, the navel of the navel is prominent, generally fat fat cream is full: concave into, mostly lack of carcass. 3, the crab feet are strong, the "foot hairs" on the crab feet are clustered, generally full of old and healthy; hairless, mostly soft and flawless. 4. Look at the male and female sayings: "The female crab is picked in the lunar calendar in August, and the male crab is selected after September." Because the male gonads mature after the Chinese lunar calendar in September, the taste is the best. Generally, the female belly of the navel is a female crab, and the shape of the navel is a male crab. 5, look at the vitality will turn the crab over, can quickly turn back with the crab foot, indicating that the vitality is strong; can not turn back, the vitality is poor, the storage time can not be long. About eating: 1, eat crabs pay attention to the original taste of delicious, steaming is the most tasteful way, can make the beauty of the hairy crabs to the fullest. 2, of course, the steamed crabs are also very particular about eating: First of all, we have to prepare vinegar ginger juice for food, so as to remove the cold of the hairy crabs to avoid physical discomfort. 3, the order of eating crab meat and crab yellow is also pay attention to, that is to eat crab meat first, because the crab meat is delicious, crab yellow flavor, eat crab meat after eating crab meat, the beauty of crab meat can not be best reflected . 4, if the hairy crabs eat too much, stomach upset, you can make up a bowl of ginger sugar water to adjust. Those "no" Where hairy crabs can't eat ------- There are four places for hairy crabs. It is best not to eat them. They are crab crab, crab heart, crab stomach, crab sausage. Crab When you open the crab cover, you will find something that is similar to the floc on both sides. This is the crab. There are dirt and parasites on it. Crab stomach: commonly known as "crab monk", it is a triangular bone capsule with dirty sediment inside. Located in the front of the head and chest, below the stomach area of ​​the carapace. The food that the crab eats is inside. Crab intestine: Located at the last end of the head and chest, below the head and chest area, one section is embedded in the crab yellow, and one side runs through the abdominal wall of the crab umbilical, which is a black strip. Contains digestive food and feces. Crab heart: Located in the center of the head and chest, it is a hexagonal capsule, very cold. It is best not to eat crabs. 1. Don't eat dead crabs: Parasitic bacteria in dead crabs will multiply and spread into crab meat, causing the protein to decompose to produce histamine. The longer the crab dies, the more histamine accumulates in the body and the greater the toxicity. Even if the dead crab is cooked and cooked, the toxin is not easily destroyed. It can cause nausea and vomiting, cheek flushing, and rapid heartbeat after eating. 2. Do not eat raw crabs or drunk crabs: Hairy crabs grow in the mud ditch of rivers and lakes, and feed on animal carcasses, so they contain various pathogenic microorganisms. Eating raw crabs, drunk crabs, it is easy to induce paragonimiasis, causing cough and hemoptysis. If the virus enters the brain, it will cause paralysis. 3, do not eat with strong tea, persimmon, beer: strong tea, persimmon and other foods contain a lot of tannic acid, combined with protein, will form a "gastric persimmon disease", causing abdominal pain, vomiting; beer cold, if by Beer, crab, cold and cold, easy to cause diarrhea, so it is best to choose alcoholic liquor such as yellow wine or white wine.

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