Recipe: Steamed hairy crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed hairy crab


Hairy crabs are produced in many ways, but they are the most famous and the most delicious hairy crabs. Non-steamed hairy crabs are the only ones. People who eat crabs know that there is a saying: nine females and ten males. That is to say, in the lunar calendar, female crabs (round umbilicus) should be eaten in September, and male crabs (sharp umbilical) should be eaten in October. The reason is that the female crab is precocious. In fact, the real reason is that the female crab will start to lick the seeds in October, so it will be full of fleshy.



  1. Cut the onion with green onion, ginger and ginger, garlic and garlic, mixed in a bowl. Then pour the right amount of vinegar into the bowl (recommended to choose balsamic vinegar) and soy sauce, the ratio of vinegar and soy sauce is 2:1. Then add a little salt and chicken powder, and add a little bit of white sugar. Stir all the seasonings with chopsticks. In the process of brewing, it is necessary to tune and taste. The ratio I give you is for reference only. The taste bud is your own.

  2. Start steaming crabs. Before steaming the crab, you need to clean the crab directly. There are several key points to pay attention to when steaming crabs: First of all, the ropes tied with crabs must not be disassembled. Otherwise, the hairy crabs will suddenly struggle with heat after entering the steamer. The legs of the hairy crabs will be easily broken and lose their beauty. Secondly, the hairy crabs will be When putting it into the steamer, be sure to put it on, so that in addition to allowing the hairy crab to be more evenly heated, it can also avoid the crab yellow and ointment in the lid from flowing out during the cooking process, resulting in loss of nutrients.

  3. Add the appropriate amount of water to the steamer, get angry, and put the hairy crab into the pot after the steamer is on the gas. The hairy crabs should not be squeezed as much as possible. So if there are many hairy crabs, if the steamer is small, you can steam it several times. Don't worry.

  4. After 12 minutes, the crabs were steamed. Take off the rope and sip the juice, so you can eat it as much as you like.


When you eat crabs, you can first remove the claws and claws of the crabs. When you eat crab claws, you should first bite the joints of the crabs with the teeth. The white crab meat is looming. Then, gently pry open the broken crab shell by hand, and put the tip of the tongue against the crab meat. Only one roll, the mouth is already full of fragrance. Although the tip of the crab claw is meatless, it is a natural tool for eating crabs. The crab meat remaining in the depths of the crab claws is carefully and carefully picked out with a sharp and sharp look. As for the crab claws, as long as the joints of the crabs are bitten and sucked with the mouth, the seemingly complicated problem is easily solved. After picking up the crab cover, a full of crabs appeared in front of you. Remove the lungs of the crab, separate the crab body from both sides, and bury the head to suck the crab yellow. At the moment of the crab yellow entrance, the whole mouth is entangled by the delicious crab yellow, which can not be swayed for a long time. Then bite the crab body and chew the crab meat. If there is a pot of good flower carving wine at this time, it is a perfect realm. PS: I eat crabs, don't want the legendary "eight big pieces", not not, but I think it's a bit too sci-fi. Of course, you can't eat according to the way I eat crabs, but when you steam the crabs, I have to press the steam that I said. Hairy crabs are rich in nutrients, rich in protein, amino acids, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, potassium, vitamin A, B vitamins, etc., which help to promote the repair and synthesis of human tissue cells and improve immune function. However, hairy crabs are cold and wet, people with skin diseases or people with skin allergies should not eat; people with debilitating physique (ie often cold hands and feet, easy to get dizzy, tired), also try to eat less or not, so as not to cause stomach cold Discomfort. In addition, crab yellow (crab cream) has a high cholesterol, and people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and arteriosclerosis should not eat more. Eating hairy crabs (not limited to hairy crabs) pay attention to four divisions, except for cockroaches: on both sides of the crab body, shaped like eyebrows, arranged in strips; except for the stomach, located in the front half of the crab bone, close to the crab yellow, shaped like a triangle packet; Heart, located in the middle of crab yellow or crab oil, close to the stomach, in a hexagonal shape; in addition to the intestine, located in the middle of the crab umbilicus, strips. Eat crabs must be hot, if you eat a lot, you can steam two, and then steam other when you eat. But remember, the hairy crabs are cold, not to eat too much. It is recommended that no more than three at a time, two best.

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