Recipe: Steamed fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed fish



  1. Wash the fish with the fish, cut it, and spread it on the plate;

  2. Ginger slices, onions cut into sections, leaving white onions;

  3. Cover the onion and ginger on the octopus, sprinkle a little salt, a little sugar, topped with cooking wine and put on it for 10mins;

  4. After boiling the water, put the fish on the steamed, remove the onion, cut a little onion and sprinkle it on the octopus;

  5. Steamed fish oyster sauce heat, after slightly boiled, immediately leave the fire, poured on the steamed octopus, ok!


Cut the onion section into large sections, add steamed in the fish to go to the simmer; The scallions look good and more fragrant, can be sprinkled before serving.

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