Recipe: steamed fish

Home Cooking Recipe: steamed fish


Eating fish is nothing more than a "fresh" word, while steaming is the cooking method that can best experience the "freshness" of fish.



  1. After cleaning the fish, cut the knife on the fish. This fish is too big, my steamer can not steam, I will cut two halves

  2. You can apply a little cooking wine to the fish. Because it is fresh, you don’t have to put onion ginger to lick it.

  3. Put the steamer to the water and put it into the fish plate, and put in the steamed fish oyster sauce and steam for about 10 minutes (depending on the weight). Then turn off the heat and suffocate for 5 minutes.

  4. Sprinkle the fish and sprinkle some green onions on the fish. In the garden of the family, only the vegetables and only one scallions and one pepper are currently in existence. Therefore, only one onion and one small red pepper are used. You can boil hot oil, so that the onion is rich and the fish will be brighter.


1, the general fish about 1 kg, 8 hours under the fire. According to this standard and the size of the actual fish, discretionary reduction. 2, steamed fish seasoning should not be too much, because steamed fish mainly eat the delicious fish itself. 3, when making steamed fish, you must pay attention to the water after the pot is opened, do not add fish when cold water, will affect the taste.

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