Recipe: Steamed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed egg



  1. Take the water in the pot, add the crushed ginger and simmer it in the fire, put the pre-treated scorpion into the pot, cook it until the clam shell opens, and quickly remove it, place it one by one in the high-temperature steaming pan.

  2. The boiled water in the pot goes to the upper layer of floating foam, drains the middle water, and cools it off. (There is a little impurity deposited in the bottom water in the pot, and it is discarded.) The egg is shelled and broken, and the warm water is slowly poured into the pot. In the scattered egg liquid (the ratio of egg liquid to warm water is about 1:1, the steamed egg block has a small bullet, if you prefer a more tender taste, you can increase the proportion of warm water), and transfer a little sugar and salt. Evenly whipped

  3. Note: Steamed eggs are not poured out with boiling water, add a few leaves of cabbage to cook, it is a sweet and quick soup

  4. Pour the mixed egg liquid into the steaming pan; boil the water in the pan and open it into the steaming pan. When the edge of the egg liquid is white, turn it to a small fire and steam it. After the egg liquid is steamed (about 8 minutes, you can use the bamboo stick to insert the test. Grasp the raw ripeness), remove the steamed clams, sprinkle with diced green onion, order a little steamed fish oyster sauce, sesame oil, and serve on the table.

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