Recipe: Steamed blackhead fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed blackhead fish


130525, I have been eating this dish recently, so just write a recipe.



  1. One blackhead fish, cleaned up by the master in the market, come back and rinse with water.

  2. Use a knife to draw a few two centimeters of the blackhead fish on each side, and apply a proper amount of cooking wine, water starch and salt to both sides of the fish, and put a proper amount of ginger and green onion in the knife edge and the fish belly, marinated. About 10 minutes.

  3. Put the prepared fish in a pan and steam for 10 minutes, then steam for 5 minutes. Take out the fish and remove the steamed water and ginger and green onion.

  4. Pour the appropriate amount of steamed fish oil into the steamed fish, and chop the shallots, red dried peppers and parsley on the fish.

  5. Put the oil into the wok, and pour it into the prepared 4 when the oil is smoked. Ok~

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