Recipe: Steamed beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Steamed beans


Steamed Beans is a dish with Henan native flavor. This kind of dish is generally called “steamed dish” in Henan. It has many varieties. In spring, it uses leeks, artemisia, noodles, broom seedlings, money, silk flowers, etc. , leeks, purslane, eggplant, potatoes, etc. The method is generally to wash the raw materials and drain the water, mix the flour (you can also use corn flour and millet flour) to steam the steamer. The steaming time depends on the characteristics of the raw materials. The cooked leafy vegetables are steamed for 3 minutes. The unripe ingredients are steamed for 5 minutes - 8 minutes. After the vegetables are steamed and cooled, they can be mixed directly with garlic juice. They can also be served with eggs, minced meat and chili. The garlic is mixed with garlic in Henan.



  1. Beans (Cow Beans) should be washed clean, drained, cut into sections, mix well with flour (or corn flour, millet flour), steam on the basket for 6 minutes, remove and cool.

  2. Wash the garlic and peel it into garlic.

  3. Steamed beans and garlic, salt, chicken, sesame oil and mix well.

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