Recipe: Starbucks Mushroom Head Muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Starbucks Mushroom Head Muffin


I am optimistic about this cake before the holiday, remember that we often spend time in Starbucks, girlfriends are also a chocolate control, although I am also very dripping! From small to large, the taste of the first choice of dessert is absolutely unique! When you open your childhood photos, you can find all the chocolate-flavored ice cream! Haha! Yes, I am also a chocolate control! This is turned over in the blog, long grass for a long time, this is not a grass! Prepare materials before the holiday, give me and my friends a Starbucks Maffin cake that can be eaten at home! Fang Zi was taken from the little fox Jun Jun



  1. Practice: 1, the chocolate melts in water, the water temperature does not need to be too hot 2, while melting and stirring to a smooth state 3, the butter is softened at room temperature or melted under water. 4. Add white sugar to the chocolate, stir evenly 5. Add butter and stir. Evenly 6, yoghurt and milk mixed and stirred, spare 7, three times to add the broken egg liquid to the chocolate batter 8. Add the buttermilk to the chocolate batter three times, stir each time and then add the next time. Salt, baking soda, baking powder and low-powder are mixed and sieved into chocolate paste. 10, when mixed with half of dry powder, add high-temperature chocolate beans (leave some chocolate beans and finally sprinkle the surface). 11. Mix with no dry powder. Yes, do not over-mix 12, enter the mold, put in a preheated 200 degree oven, middle and lower layer, 25 minutes

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