Recipe: Squid tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid tofu soup


Squid tofu soup. The snow is white and white, the soup tastes fresh and sweet, the fish is tender and the tofu is smooth, which is the perfect combination in winter! I don't use too much material to make soup, try to keep it as it is.



  1. The squid goes to the internal organs, goes to the scales and squats (I usually make it for the fish seller), completely removes the black film in the cavity, washes and wipes the water

  2. Use a spoon of salt to evenly spread on the fish, pour a little cooking wine and marinate for a while, and cut the tofu for use.

  3. Pour the oil in the pan and fry the squid into the pan until golden on both sides (this step can be replaced by a pan)

  4. Add a few bowls of water to the pot and not fish. Cover the lid and cook for about half an hour. This is the key to the whitening of the soup.

  5. Pour the tofu into the pot, turn the water on, turn to low heat and cook for about six minutes. Finally, add a small spoonful of salt to the pan.


After frying until golden on both sides, add water and heat for half an hour. This is the key to the whitening of the soup. The photo is really wood with milk (*^__^*)

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