Recipe: Squid soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid soup


The first time I made a recipe, this is my squid soup that my mother-in-law taught me. It is super simple, and it is super-praising. It is recommended to buy wild squid. The squid bought in the supermarket tastes a lot worse. If you can't buy wild, buy it directly from the supermarket.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the squid and cut the chopped green onion and ginger for use.

    Wash the squid and cut the chopped green onion and ginger for use.

  2. After the water is boiled, the squid is simmered, covered with a lid, and the squid is cooked very quickly. Just a little licking.

  3. Salt, white sugar (appropriate sugar to taste), soy sauce, sesame oil (usually drop two or three drops), old wine, ginger, medlar, red dates (3 to 5) together, put the pot and let it Boiling for a while. This step can be done with medium and small fires.

  4. Wait until the pot is almost the same time, add chopped green onion, add some MSG or chicken to taste (can be added or not, I generally do not add). Taste the taste, taste light and adjust yourself. Then start to eat! Wild salmon fish is very chewy! The soup made will be much better than the taste of the artificial breeding in the supermarket.


If it is freshly bought, the squid can be directly boiled after the water boils. If it is taken out by the refrigerator, after thawing, it is necessary to add the water to the front and back for a while and then add water!

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