Recipe: Squid risotto (risotto al nero di seppia)

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid risotto (risotto al nero di seppia)


The first time I made Italian risotto, and I have never eaten a seasoning, and my cooker is broken. I can only use the rice cooker all the time. There is no lazy step, the materials and practices are more casual... It’s just irresponsible to send a recipe like this (under the earth! Squid sauce risotto should also be a Venetian dish, black and black and a good brother squid sauce spaghetti. But speaking, the risotto is also passed from heaven to Italy. Well, there is a species, try to learn from afar, to prove that home cooking is the best, this feeling!



  1. The garlic is sliced ​​or crushed by green core, the onion is cut into fine grains, the tomatoes are peeled and cut, and the seafood is cut or cut into small pieces.

  2. Hot pot, pour in olive oil or add butter.

  3. Add the garlic to the incense after the oil is hot.

  4. Add the onion granules, stir fry until it is clear and fragrant.

  5. Pour in the rice, stir fry, fry until the edge of the rice is transparent, visible in the center of the white hard core.

  6. Pour about 100ml of broth, not over the ingredients in the pot, stir the ingredients in the pot during the heating process.

  7. Add the pepper seasoning when the broth is about to dry, then repeat the previous step and add about 100ml of broth.

  8. When the broth is again dried, add the tomato block and then continue to stir the simmer. The tomatoes will come out of the juice, so there is no need to add the broth.

  9. When the water in the pot is again dried, add pepper to taste.

  10. Add the cuttlefish sauce and the remaining 50ml stock for the final stir. At this time, one pot is all black..................

  11. When the soup is dried, you can go out!

  12. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese powder and eat!


Well, the so-called soup is not dry without water, to the kind of wet, there is no flowing water.

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