Recipe: Squid burning

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid burning



  1. After the whole egg is mixed with sugar, add honey, salad oil, milk, and porphyrin in order, and mix well.

  2. Sift in low powder, milk powder and baking powder, stir into a uniform and shiny batter, and cover the plastic wrap for 15 minutes.

  3. Take a proper amount of batter and put it into the mold, then fill in the appropriate amount of Caska sauce (red bean paste), then cover the surface of Caska sauce (red bean paste) with a proper amount of batter and fry until golden on both sides.


1. Turn off the batter when adding the batter. Otherwise, the batter with a high sugar content is very easy to paste. 2, can not be too greedy when putting the stuffing, otherwise it will overflow, the shape is not beautiful 3, because the addition of honey in this recipe, in addition to improving the taste, it is also very easy to color, the use of small fire throughout the process, need to frequently flip

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