Recipe: Squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Squid



  1. The squid is cleaned and cut, and the body is cut into two or three mouths. Add ginger, salt, starch, and wine.

  2. Boiled in a frying pan in golden yellow, and fished out.

  3. In the wok, the oil is burned to 50% heat, and the red pepper, the ginger, the watercress, the paprika, the garlic, the pepper are sauteed, the oil is red, and the sour radish is tasted. Add salt according to your personal taste.

  4. The fried squid and green onions in the pot are cooked until the fish is cooked. (Because you like to eat tofu, the following is a little tender tofu in it) Finally add a little celery or parsley.

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