Recipe: Sprout minced meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Sprout minced meat


A wonderful meal of God! When I was in college in Chengdu, my favorite thing was chicken rice sprouts, rice, and rice.



  1. Pork is minced into minced meat, and the right amount of cooking wine is put in, soy sauce, and the tender meat powder is marinated for use.

  2. Ginger and garlic are simmered into ginger and garlic, ready to sauté.

  3. I used the bagged Yibin sprouts. In order to be healthy, I poured the sprouts into the bowl several times with water, in order to reduce the salt and various additives and preservatives of the bagged pickles.

  4. Hot oil in the pot, when the oil temperature is 70% hot, the marinated minced meat is poured into the minced meat. (Because the tender meat powder is put in, it is necessary to continually stir fry or the minced meat is easy to stick together.) Stir fry until the minced meat is discolored.

  5. Leave some oil in the pot and add the ginger and garlic to the scent. After the scent burst, add two spoonfuls of bean paste and stir fry.

  6. Add the filtered water to the Yibin sprouts and stir fry. After a few rounds of stir-frying, add the green pepper and minced pork cut into small circles and the minced meat before, stir fry together. Turn off the heat, add a small amount of chicken essence and salt and mix well.

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