Recipe: Sprout

Home Cooking Recipe: Sprout


A dish of super rice is sprouted + sour bean (in Sichuan kimchi) + minced meat. When I was young, my favorite thing was to mix it with rice. When I was super rice, I would eat two bowls of rice each time. Unfortunately, now At home, the raw materials of sour beans are hard to find, and it is difficult to eat this dish again. This dish can be fried on a large plate at a time. You can't eat the refrigerator, you can eat rice or treat the noodles as delicious.



  1. Wash the sprouts and dry them, chop them up and use them.

  2. Chopped sour beans (or other kimchi) are actually small pieces, almost half a centimeter long.

  3. Garlic chopped, ginger slices or shredded

  4. Heat the pan under the oil, first sprinkle with garlic and ginger, then stir well with the bean paste.

  5. Under the pork, stir well, the pork can be fried for a while, it will be more fragrant, if you want to fry, use medium and small fire

  6. Sprouts and sour beans, stir fry together

  7. Stir fry and stir well, then serve.


This is the amount of two people, the ingredients are based on the size of their own discretion. 1. Sprout must be washed, rinse more, otherwise it will be very salty. After washing, be sure to squeeze the water. Do not bring too much water to all the materials in this dish, otherwise it will not be fragrant. 2, Pixian bean paste can be selected, according to their own taste, personally like to put bean paste, can not drop can also be dropped, hemp do not put, because the sprouts and sour beans themselves have been very flavorful, Put and not put two flavors 3, put the bean paste if the too much chili pepper in the bean paste affects the taste, you can first take the bean paste sauce 4, after the pork is finished, if it is fried more, it will be more fragrant, but when it is fried, use medium and small fire, otherwise the ingredients inside will be easy to paste. 5, because the sprouts and sour beans and bean paste are salt, so I do not put salt when fried, the salt of the ingredients is enough, so do not put salt! Of course, it is best to try it yourself first. 6. In addition, do not wash the pork with water! You can wash the meat before the pork is finished. If the pork is washed, it will not work.

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