Recipe: Spring vegetable salty porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Spring vegetable salty porridge


Spring vegetables are the specialty vegetables in the Chaoshan area of ​​Guangdong. It is between the heart of the cabbage and the mustard. It has both the sweetness of the heart and the bitter taste of mustard. It is used to make pork bone porridge, clear and delicious, and can clear the heat. Fire, Shengjin Runzao, is a unique stomach and porridge in autumn and winter, and suitable for both men and women. The good salty bone porridge is soft and delicious, and it is tempting to appetite~ You can also try it!



  1. Wash the ribs and drain the water.

  2. Use two tablespoons of salt, a small amount of cooking wine, and ginger slices for one night, and cover them in the refrigerator.

  3. Rinse the ribs with water, put in a casserole, add enough water, cooking wine, ginger, and start the soup.

  4. Wash the rice and soak it in water for half an hour.

  5. After ribs are stewed for 35 minutes, the soaked rice is placed in a casserole and stewed with ribs.

  6. After 45 minutes, wash the spring vegetables, cut into thin filaments, and cook in a casserole with ribs porridge for 3 minutes, do not cover.

  7. Add the right amount of salt and pepper and mix well.


1, the time of pickling the ribs should be enough, so that it will be tasted; 2, the process of porridge should be stirred frequently, must be stirred in one direction, so that the porridge will be thick; 3, the water is best to add a full dose If the amount of water is not enough, you must add boiling water. 4. The specific time of porridge should be determined according to the condition of the pot and the amount of materials used. 5. After putting the spring vegetables, do not cover the lid. Cook for two or three minutes. In order to avoid yellowing of the leaves.

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