Recipe: Spinach pork soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach pork soup


A warm soup that was originally loved. Because I heard that spinach and pig blood are very blood, pig blood also has the function of detoxification. However, many people say that pig blood is dirty. The information that can be found is passed down from the traditional Chinese medicine tradition and has not been scientifically verified. So be cautious, at least don't eat too often.



  1. Wash the spinach, remove the roots, cut into sections, set aside

  2. Heat the pan on fire, pour the appropriate amount of oil, add hot ginger to the onion, stir fry, add water, add a little cooking wine

  3. The pig's blood is cut into pieces, and after the water is opened, the pot is boiled and the floating blood is taken out.

  4. Add spinach

  5. Season with salt and white pepper, turn off the heat

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