Recipe: Spinach egg soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach egg soup


We all know that the root cause of obesity is that calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure. Therefore, our scientific method of losing weight is to try to eat low-calorie foods, increase exercise, and consume body fat. However, even vegetarian diets, oily speculation will greatly reduce the effectiveness of weight loss. The most devil's way to lose weight is to eat boiled vegetables. Xiaoguzi and lazy Liu have used this method to lose weight, but lazy Liu did not hold on. Xiaoguzi used this method to successfully lose 20 pounds and never rebounded. However, this method is not something that everyone can insist on. The practice of oligo-oil is a torture for our stomach and spirit and our body! The soup introduced today is what I call "the first soup to lose weight." There is no drop of oil inside, it is fully boiled, and it is really created for weight loss.



  1. Spinach should be cleaned, opened, soaked in a pot, carefully cleaned, cut into sections

  2. Boil the water in the pot, open the water, and put the spinach

  3. When the eggs are broken, the water is slowly poured into the pot, and slowly stirred with chopsticks to slowly solidify the eggs. If you want to spread the egg flower, stir it up quickly. Turn off the fire

  4. Add a few drops of sesame oil to enhance the taste

  5. Add salt and chicken seasoning to make a pot.


1, spinach and eggs are easy to cook, so open the pot, do not cook, spinach cooked old color will become black, eggs will become old, affecting the taste. 2, said not to add a drop of oil, refers to not shaving the pot, in fact, it is dripping sesame oil.

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