Recipe: Spinach carrot chicken cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Spinach carrot chicken cake


This dish is quite good for the baby as a complementary food, simple and delicious.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash the spinach carrots and cut the carrots.

    Wash the spinach carrots and cut the carrots.

  2. Put the water in the pot and boil, and simmer the shallots, spinach and carrots.

  3. Cool the vegetables well, pick them up, dry the water, and serve.

  4. Beat the eggs, add water starch, salt and continue to break up, then add spinach, shallots, carrots and mix well.

  5. Spread a layer of plastic wrap in the prepared container and pour the stirred egg liquid.

  6. Put it in the pot and steam for about 12 minutes.

  7. After steaming, cut the pieces and set them on the plate.

  8. Add the right amount of mustard and soy sauce to the dish. Chicken cakes are not too bad to eat with this little material.

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