Recipe: Spicy Shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy Shrimp


I love the rivers and lakes. In the Sichuan-based system of the vast sea of ​​smoke, there is such a faction that is deeply welcomed by the masses of the people. It is a river and lake dish that has been passed down for hundreds of years. Among them, such as Maoxuwang, boiled fish, spicy shrimp, etc., the road is familiar. The so-called rivers and lakes, inevitably reveals a boldness on the rivers and lakes, and the big bowl of bowls can be greeted. It has no exquisite set of small jade, but it has a visual impact. The seemingly messy combination of raw materials allows you to frequently raise chopsticks. In addition, it is the temptation of the numbness and spicy...········



  1. Sea white shrimp washed and cut to shrimp and shrimp gun

  2. Cut the back with a knife or scissors and pick up the shrimp line

  3. Add onion, black pepper, salt and brandy with shrimp and marinate for 20 minutes.

  4. Peanuts are fried in advance and kept out for cooling.

  5. 藕 peeled slices, cooked and removed

  6. The potatoes are cut into pieces and fried in a pan.

  7. Add a large spoonful of starch to the marinated shrimp, mix well and fry

  8. Deep-fried until the skin of the shrimp becomes red, and the surface becomes hard and the oil is removed.

  9. Fish balls are cooked in a pan

  10. Pour the oil into the pot, and add the spice oil seasoning to the small fire and slowly fry.

  11. After frying until the raw material is dry and brown, the raw material is removed and made into a spice oil.

  12. Put the pepper into the spice oil and sauté the fragrant

  13. After the pepper is fried, add the onion, ginger and garlic.

  14. Sauce the sauce

  15. Add a little water and season with other seasonings

  16. Turn all the ingredients except the peanuts into the fire and stir fry

  17. Stir fry evenly, then pour in the peanuts, stir well, turn off the heat, sprinkle with sesame and parsley


1, the traditional spicy shrimp needs to be fried in advance, but the steps are cumbersome and not suitable for home production, so here choose three kinds of finished sauce, the brand is not limited. The purpose is to produce a complex taste 2, the spicy degree of this dish is controlled by dried chili and pepper, you can add or delete their dosage according to their own situation. 3, like this spicy spicy pot dishes, the final production speed is fast, basically all stir-fry, so many raw materials need to be cooked in advance, or fried or fried or boiled, according to their favorite to choose the side dish 4, perfume oil is one of the key to the production, the main point is slow fire (about half an hour or so), the average family can make more at a time, the remaining spice oil used to stir vegetarian dishes, mix cold dishes what tastes good

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