Recipe: Spicy sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy sauce


In the winter, I made a bottle of fragrant spicy sauce in the refrigerator, I want to eat boiling fish fillets, put it out a little, not afraid of hemp; not afraid of spicy more, a little fragrant and fresh, everything at a glance, refreshing, Safety. The most important thing is that it is very convenient not to get it in ten minutes. It is good to go to the cold in winter to keep your family warm!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the pepper and pepper separately in the pulverizer

    Cut the pepper and pepper separately in the pulverizer

  2. Hot pot warm oil before and after the release of pepper and pepper

  3. The white sesame flavor is distributed and the fire is turned off.

  4. Cooled the bottling and the refrigerator


From hot to cold, it is best to first put it into the bottle and cover it for cooling. The aroma does not allow to escape. When I am bored, I always like to open the refrigerator and take out the bottle to open the cover and smell it. It’s too fragrant!

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