Recipe: Spicy roasted spicy chicken heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy roasted spicy chicken heart


Spicy chicken heart, tender and tender, fragrant drops



  1. Wash the heart, then cut it in half, wash it off (filter out the blood, wash it several times, squeeze it by hand)

  2. Add salt, ginger or ginger foam, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, chili noodles, pepper oil (according to personal taste, if you can't eat pepper oil, you must add some salad oil, oil will be fragrant, and baked In the process, there will be no oil when the water is poured out.), the chili noodles (dosage according to personal taste), white sesame mix well, marinate for half an hour.

  3. Preheat the oven up and down for 200 minutes and five minutes. Put the marinated chicken heart into the baking sheet of oil paper/tin foil. Bake it out for about five minutes, take out the baking tray, and pour off the water inside the tray to continue baking. The desired taste is enough...

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