Recipe: Spicy rice jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy rice jelly


Rice jelly is a kind of food that you know after entering Sichuan. At first, because I didn't understand it, the color alone would be confused with the yellow jelly in Sichuan. When I didn't season, the taste of the single product was indistinguishable from the Sichuan cold cake. This food that has always been unclear in my heart, I was screaming under my big spoon that day, and it was a tempting taste that made me unforgettable for a long time. It was delicious and could not be hidden. I quickly shared it with you :) Rice jelly is generally cooked by hot boiled, and the other pot is sautéed with spicy sauce, then topped with boiled rice jelly and served with hot jelly. The method of speculation that I used today is the sequelae left after seeing a pot of golden stir-fried noodles at the entrance to Ximin Huimin Street. I always want to stir-fried the jelly powder in the pan. This method and the final taste of the salad are spicy aftertaste, you can choose any method you like.



  1. Rice jelly is cut into small cubes for spare, onion ginger garlic and chili mince

  2. Add the onion, ginger, garlic and saute in the pan

  3. Add the cardamom, chili sauce and spicy sauce (if you don’t have it, add the old godmother)

  4. Slightly fired red oil

  5. Pour into the cut jelly

  6. Stir the jelly in the pan evenly

  7. Add allspice powder, pepper powder, a small amount of sugar, soy sauce and oyster sauce, according to the salty and light amount of salt, you can also add chili noodles, etc.

  8. Continue to stir fry over low heat, let the seasonings wrap the jelly, but don't blaze the seasoning

  9. Finally sprinkle a chopped green

  10. Mix well and stir well.


Before you do it, you can simply say that the three kinds of yellow jelly, rice jelly and brown cake that have been confusing me are all famous snacks in Sichuan. If you know clearly, you won't be confused:) At the same time, by the way. Say my doubts, I understand the package welcomes questions:  Yellow jelly, which is pea jelly. The current practice is to adjust with pea starch and water. But I have made the jelly powder of pea starch myself. It is not yellow at all. I don’t know that the authentic yellow jelly is a yellow drop for Shenma. I used to know that Chengdu's yellow jelly was famous. I actually wanted to buy yellow jelly. I found a few yellow jelly in the market. I bought the rice jelly. Going back and checking it, it seems that because I had some news reports about food safety such as pigment before entering Sichuan, the yellow jelly of Chengdu suddenly introduced a food safety storm. Afterwards, in order to avoid the suspicion, most merchants no longer sell yellow jelly. Most of the yellow jelly that the community sees is rice jelly.  Rice jelly, sometimes called Chengdu jelly, is a special jelly that is refined with glutinous rice and then solidified with lime water. The color is yellowish. The jelly we usually eat is made of starch. Commonly used are pea jelly and mung bean jelly. Rice jelly is not made of pure starch, but made by rice, so the taste and taste are not the same. A bit of a dull, very thick feeling, a taste of the rice scent that is unique to a rice product, and a long-lasting aftertaste in the mouth, unforgettable. The common way to eat rice jelly is to boil it out after boiling, topped with the spicy seasoning carefully prepared in the pan, and then mixed slightly. In some Sichuan snack bars, you need a boiled jelly, which is usually it.  In the case of a cold cake, it is said that a small proportion of glutinous rice is added to the rice, and the gypsum water is added after the refining. The other way is not to add glutinous rice, but the rice is also not bad. There is also a formula that is all used. The glutinous rice is polished. These two people would like to ask friends who know how to do it. Is the authentic rice cake glutinous rice or rice, or both? In Chengdu small restaurants, Shuanghe grape wells can be seen everywhere. It is said that the main difference lies in the water quality when grinding rice syrup. Of course, it is not limited to grinding, soaking rice, making cakes and making cakes are inseparable from water, good water is good. The cake, the grape cake's cold cake is also famous. After refining, the rice syrup and the rice cold powder are halved with lime water, which will slowly solidify and then be preserved in ice (Shuanghe espresso may use the grape well water to soak the ice), and the brown sugar water is drunk before eating. Summer classic snacks. It is said that in addition to brown sugar water, it has also improved a variety of flavors, but I have not tried it. How can I talk about the cold cake? This is my doubt. These two things, except one one is square, one is round, the surface is pale yellow and mellow, and the mouth is full of rice. Even the faint special alkali taste of lime water remains, so after entering Sichuan, these two things have the illusion of eating the same thing when they eat the first bite, but one seasoning with brown sugar water becomes a dessert, another Spicy spicy seasoning, became a cold dish. So I am not very clear until now, the cold cake and rice cold powder, in addition to the finished product after the seasoning is different, the previous processing is similar? Where is the difference? A friend who knows welcomes the answer.

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