Recipe: Spicy potato chips

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy potato chips


I used to eat potato chips in Beijing for a long time in N years ago. I feel super delicious. I have never eaten it since I came home. I want to eat it. I try it in various ways. I feel that this simple taste is also close, sweet and spicy. of! The practice is written directly, there is no picture, it is too simple! The whole tutorial is much more troublesome than making potato chips! Peel the potatoes and slice them with salt. After soaking in the water, use them in a soaked water. Turn off the potatoes and turn off the water. Turn off the cold water. Seasoning: minced garlic, chili powder, cumin powder, sugar, salt, chicken essence, all in a bowl. (How much according to your own taste), hot pot cold fried fragrant pepper, hot oil poured into the seasoning bowl with a lid of aluminum, hot pepper, do not mix, put the potato slices and mix well, you can also put Refrigerate in the refrigerator, you can do more than one day!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: There are many people, this is the use of three hoe-sized potatoes

    There are many people, this is the use of three hoe-sized potatoes


Turn the pot to turn off the fire, otherwise the noodles will affect the taste.

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