Recipe: Spicy pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy pork


Spicy pork with radish porridge plate~~ delicious ~~~ The original version is shredded pork, parsley, and capsicum completely separated. I fry the coriander and the pork, because I don’t have to think about someone who doesn’t eat coriander.



  1. Shredded pork + cooking wine + soy sauce + pepper + a small amount of edible oil

  2. When the meat is cured, the dried chili is cut into filaments with scissors. In fact, it is more convenient to buy the dried chili pepper directly from the supermarket. Dried chili peppers are only peppers, not seeds, and seeds will be very spicy. . .

  3. Hot pot + oil, small fire, put the pepper silk after the oil is hot, take the pepper silk out when the taste is slightly, and leave the oil in the pot.

  4. Start frying the pork with this oil. When the pork is white, take it out, taking care not to bring too much water to the plate. The pork of this dish needs to be dry.

  5. Reheat the oil, cut the pork, cut the parsley into sections, add a little soy sauce, and color it into golden yellow (just a little bit, or it will be black)

  6. Stir-fried with parsley, add salt when it comes out, stir-fry

  7. Inside the pepper, you can put some salt and stir it, then take out the pot. The pepper and shredded pork are separated. It is more suitable for freely blending the spicy degree~ and the pepper does not stir fry, it will also maintain a crunchy feeling.

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