Recipe: Spicy oyster mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy oyster mushroom


This is a small dish with simple materials, simple operation, and can be served under the rice. It doesn't pay attention to the knife, the taste is salty and light, and the only test is to keep stirring. Because it is necessary to dry the water-rich fungus, it takes a little time, and stir fry to prevent the pan.



  1. Wash the oyster mushrooms and tear them into thinner strips.

  2. Cut the dried pepper into small sections

  3. Hot pot cold oil into the garlic cloves to scent, wait until the surface is yellowish and pour into the oyster mushrooms for stir fry

  4. After oyster mushroom and hot oil stir fry evenly, add appropriate amount of salt and continue to fry until oyster mushroom water

  5. After the oyster mushrooms are out of the water, pour in the dried peppers cut into small sections and continue to stir fry until the water is fried and dried.

  6. After the oyster mushroom is oiled, turn off the small fire and continue to fry. Stir-fry until the oyster mushroom is dark brown.


Garlic and dried chili can be increased or decreased with each person's taste. In addition, the table will be fried more. At night, the mother will let the old lady speculate, buy a pound of oyster mushrooms, tired of me...

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