Recipe: Spicy mutton risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy mutton risotto


It’s really fragrant, and it’s not too much trouble to do it. It’s warm and comes to a bowl, full of energy.



  1. First cut the lamb into small pieces, then soak in water, change the water in the middle

  2. After the mutton is soaked, cut the ginger, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine and simmer for a while. For more than half an hour, refrigerate with a hand and massage the mutton properly.

  3. Washed slices of mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, hobs, onions, chopped garlic chopped

  4. After the mutton is marinated, the hot oil in the pot, the mutton stir fry in the pan, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt, add the rock sugar to the pan

  5. Heat the oil in the pot, add onions, minced garlic, stir-fry into the shredded mushrooms, stir-fry the potatoes and carrots. Add the mutton before, taste the salty, and finally add the cumin powder, start the pot

  6. Rice is washed clean, pour the fried mutton potatoes into the rice cooker, mix and mix, add the right amount of water, just do not have the mutton, turn on the power, do not worry about boiling the rice after cooking, more than a while

  7. You can sprinkle some garlic or coriander leaves, then eat


When you fry the mutton potatoes, you can be a little bit salty, so the taste of the glutinous rice is just right.

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