Recipe: Spicy marinated chicken feet

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy marinated chicken feet


Braised chicken claws, this can be used as a snack. While watching a US drama or a Korean drama, it’s a good life.



  1. The chicken feet are washed and boiled in cold water and drained with cold water.

  2. Prepare a few slices of ginger, two onions, two octagonal peppers, some dried chili cassia leaves (these spices can be packed in tea bags or directly in the pan) plus two tablespoons soy sauce two tablespoons soy sauce Two tablespoons of oyster sauce, two tablespoons of sugar, two tablespoons of wine, water, not cooked in chicken feet, and simmered (I used a high-pressure rice cooker to cook directly). Cooked chopsticks can easily poke the chicken feet and turn the butter to dry. Don't take it all. This is delicious with some marinade.


I have some delays in seasoning. I should not need to pay too much attention to the softness of the pressure cooker. If you like a little toughness or slow cooking with a small fire, if the pressure cooker is cooked, you need to use a large fire to collect the marinade, mainly to color the sugar. With the color of rock sugar will be beautiful, say a few words, my taste is sweet, so I don't put salt, but I don't like the sweet drop. The small partner can add some salt. It is not recommended to put more raw oil and soy sauce.

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