Recipe: Spicy kimchi bibimbap

Home Cooking Recipe: Spicy kimchi bibimbap



  1. Carrot washed and peeled

  2. Sausage cut into pieces, chopped green onion

  3. Kimchi diced

  4. One pot of water, bean sprouts washed into the pot

  5. Put a little salt, stir-fry the bean sprouts

  6. Remove the bean sprouts and put the spinach

  7. Remove the spinach and put the carrots

  8. Drain the drain, where the spinach is half cut

  9. When the vegetables are simmered, the sausages are steamed in the pot (if it is a cooked rice, it can be steamed in a rice cooker)

  10. Rice (leftovers are rice heated, cold in the

  11. Spread vegetables with sausage, kimchi

  12. Put a proper amount of sesame oil

  13. Sprinkle a little sesame

  14. 舀 two big spoons of kimchi juice

  15. a spoonful of bibimbap

  16. Omelette

  17. I want to look at the good things first, and I’m tired of being half-baked. I can’t stand the thing. . . . Yellow

  18. I struggled for a long time, and I fry it again, haha, finally I liked 12 minutes.

  19. Sprinkle black pepper. . . . Personally good. . . . Omelette must have black pepper

  20. Put the fried egg and sprinkle a little chopped green onion

  21. OK! ! ! ! Hey


1, the practice is very simple, just use some vegetables at home, I prefer bibimbap to put the spinach and bean sprouts! 2, there is a bibimbap sauce, no direct kimchi juice is more delicious! ! ! 3. I like to put sausages. . . . Meat-loving, there is no way! 4, rice, you like it, my cold hot feel OK ~ cold, or want to eat hot ~ ~ 5, sesame oil must be put! ! ! Bibimbap to eat all kinds of delicious!

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